Commis Chef Course/College

Commis Chef

Also known as “junior” or “trainee” chef, Commis Chefs learn their craft while working under the supervision of professional kitchen staff or head chef. Their role is to measure ingredients, preparing and presenting food, controlling the settings of cooking equipment, and also doing kitchen clean-up.

CommisChefs tend to start off as a kitchen assistant, and trained for the position by working as a trainee for 3 to 6 months in kitchen. Usually, they have either completed their culinary training, or may still be studying, and attending college alongside their work. Typical day-to-day duties for Commis Chefs include:

  • Chopping/cutting vegetables and preparing ingredients
  • Mixing or making different sauces
  • Plating the simple and easy-to-make dishes
  • Maintaining stock
  • Cleaning and looking after kitchen equipments
  • Maintaining a healthy work environment
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The primary objective of CommisChef is to learn and understand how to carry out basic functions in a kitchen. Pursuing a CommisChef course at MIHMS provides the learners skills and expertise that are required to support candidates through their on-program training and ensure a quality learning experience in preparation for EPA.

Practical training is offered to the candidates as they have to work in live kitchen to learn about ingredients, techniques, food hygiene, and kitchen management. When starting as a CommisChef, you will get excellent opportunity to learn a wide range of skills and techniques that will prepare you for further career as Head Chef, Sous Chef and more.

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